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Credit Policy


Pueblo Winnelson Company

I acknowledge the receipt of Pueblo Winnelson Company’s Credit Policy. I read the Credit Policy and had reasonable opportunity to present any questions and concerns concerning this matter to Pueblo Winnelson Company. I understand the conditions of the Credit Policy and agree to abide by the terms contained the Dear Customer:

The purpose of this letter is to make certain that you understand our credit policy.   If you qualify for credit, we will sell our supplies and goods to you on an open account until you have reached your approved credit limit. The credit available to each customer varies, depending upon the information contained in the credit application, the credit history and financial strength of the individual or entity requesting credit or the personal guarantor, and the past relationship of the individual, entity, or personal guarantor with us. Please understand that your request and application for credit is not a guarantee that Pueblo Winnelson Company will extend credit to you.

Payment on all supplies and goods sold on credit is due within twenty-five (25) days of the date of delivery. The date of delivery is the date upon which the customer obtains possession of the supplies and goods from us. If payment-in-full for a charge is received by us or postmarked within ten (10) days of the date of delivery, you will receive a two percent (2%) discount on that specific charge. No discount will be provided to you if you are currently past due on any obligation owed to us. An account is past due if payment for any charge is not received within forty-five (45) days of the date of delivery. Account balances which are past due will incur a finance charge at a rate of two percent (2%) interest. Any account which is ninety (90) days or more past due is subject to collection. Fees and expenses associated with collection, including reasonable attorneys’ fees and court costs, are borne by you. As long as any account balance remains past due over sixty (60) days, no additional credit shall be extended to you; however, at Lender’s option, materials may be provided to Borrower Cash on Delivery (COD).

Like you, we must pay for our purchases. When you promptly pay us, we can
carry a larger inventory, which will benefit you. If your account becomes past due, there may be an acceptable reason. If so, please contact us and we will do our best, within reason, to work with you. Your support is sincerely appreciated and we look forward to a long relationship serving your plumbing needs.

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